Company Overview

Founded in 2003, AC InfoTech Inc., is an advanced consulting and information technology services company specializing in Timebound Business Intelligence Products and Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Quality Assurance Support, Enterprise Applications Support,and Database Maintenance Services.

We are committed to deliver proven methodology and cost effective solutions to our customers. Our focus is to help our customers to achieve their business goals in a vibrant fashion.

Our experience in understanding the business environments, issues and networking with professionals providing related services guarantees delivery on time and within budget to our customers.

Our team comprises of professionals from leading technical and management institutes across the country, with a combined experience of several years in technology and business solutions. We have a world-class team with direct, deep knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, technological insight and unique management skills.

We see ourselves as the strategic partner of choice for our customers to help them choose, develop and deploy solutions that benefit their organization or their clients in the best way.

We provide innovative solutions that help our customers meet their targets within budget, timelines with high Return on Investment (ROI).